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The trivial rivalry between the squads had become meaningless. They were all youths of Ark. They had seen for themselves, their one true enemy. They were merciless and cruel beings from another world.


Han had witnessed his fair share of deaths among the year 2 military drills. Many trained by running mock situations that were similar to what would happen in the squad battles.


Starvation overwhelmed the lands outside of the cities, it was common for people to commit murder over a bag of rice. To Han, defeat or a mistake was equivalent to death itself.


Instructor Wei scratched his chin. Being ambidextrous was highly advantageous for a martial artist. Through switching hands, one can plan irregular attacks.


The inspectors took out the map from their data bracelets. They ignored their attendants and headed off to find the shooting range on their own.


Simon spoke as if he had declared war. He forced himself and managed to control seven airbeats. This required intense focus and mind. He had to use telekinesis to strongly push the airbeats to maneuver them into complicated directions.

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The True Group's attack killed many students of Ark. Nobody was allowed a day of grievance and was expected to swiftly return to work because they couldn't waste a second longer. It wouldn't be too late to pay tribute to the deceased after the end of the war.


It wasn't their goal to exterminate the enemy, but block them. So, this much should be more than enough for the time being. Stray bullets and heavy artillery were cleared with psychic skills.


Han used his telekinesis to bring over the holographic photo frame from his desk. His younger siblings' faces flashed past in order.


"He would probably be worrying for us. I got a report that the enemy soldiers are heading our way. Get ready."


Gradually, he got to befriend more people and became accustomed to daily life on the Ark. Second year felt like such a long time ago, and every day he missed his friends. He thought of the days he played card games with his friends late into the night.


'Han always leads us while considering the best decisions. Now that Han is here, we will be able to pull through somehow.'


He found a miniature wiretap device on his shirt. The researchers had attached it when they patted his shoulder. The researchers approached Han for this single purpose.



Laocha who was shorter, continued to refer to Han as kid. Nonetheless, he was a seasoned soldier and he didn't make the atmosphere awkward at all.



Most of the squad members sat around with gauze wrapped around random parts of their bodies due to their injuries from battle.


"The second years are administered drugs. They mature exponentially faster. Did you forget? In three years we have to wage war against the dragons. The adults won't wait for us to mature naturally."


All of the children had been dropped into an unfamiliar place and had walked the same road.

  • 'During our first year, we were not fully matured physically so it's understandable. But, second years are much faster and stronger than normal humans. He doesn't have problems physically, but mentally.'
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