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Han's psychoframe fantasies shattered at once. While Octo helped secure the upper parts, the engineer secured the lower gears.


Karl's gang were bickering over their emergency food supplies. No matter how much they stole from others, it was impossible for seven people to eat their fill. Rather, they began to mistrust each other due to their high number.


The instructors scored Han highly for his squad leadership skills. They had purposely added an unknown factor for Han. Han had responded perfectly toward the changes. After time passed, the youths had become accustomed to the darkness and began moving once again.


Though young, he was capable of thinking in this way. 'Things will work out somehow in the end.' In his life, if he lived with such a light heart, it would mean starvation and possibly death.


Martial artists well versed in Sambo have faster hands than others. He took hold of Han's neck and lifted him up into the air.


'Humans must not become used to the act of killing other humans.' Han abruptly reminded himself. He didn't need any reason to follow this way of thinking. Anyone with a bit of morality would believe so.

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'He doesn't have a single loss or major mistake. He climbed the ranks in perfect order like a robot. It's time he must taste the bitterness of failure.'


He had already surpassed Silence, a first generation psyker. With outstanding battle skills and his blink ability, Silence is almost invincible in the mock battles.


'The maximum power output was as I predicted. It's the worst possible result. His basic psychic power is low so he could only manifest the same amount.'


'No, Squad 13's tactics are too underhanded which perfectly rubs Simon's temper the wrong way. They didn't stop badgering Simon until he lost his temper. It will be hard for Simon to remain calm any more than this. Simon can easily knock them out with one punch, but they keep attacking from a safe distance…'


'They must have purposely aimed for this. This wasn't a randomized match.'


The double doors that secured the defense shelter didn't budge at all through normal means. The soldiers slathered explosive sludge onto the door. They backed away a safe distance and waited for the explosion.


Squad 13 used to be the outcasts, but now they had completely integrated with the rest of the second years and had a good relationship with everyone.



"Still, I think we should transfer him up into the third year. There's nothing that Han would gain remaining in second year. He would just pointlessly win squad mock battles. What this youth needs is real life experience."



There was nothing more important than understanding the enemy's powers and skills in battle. As long as they fully understood their enemy, they wouldn't meet failure.


In his country, people would turn to thievery to find something to eat. There are so many things to be done to save these people, yet these people are already preparing for a war that has yet begun.


This had been sparring etiquette enforced by Instructor Wei. Jose muttered in a low voice as he passed Han.

  • "He's unbelievably manipulative. He slips out of everything like a snake. However, this is even more of a reason that he must taste failure. Though, it seems he won't let himself lose easily."
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