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The trio of Han, Jose, and Kuro had formed a group. Following the survival drill, many students had received food from Han's group, and decided to support them. They had formed a new faction within the class.


Squad 13 continued to discuss what would happen in Ark's future. Han thought of all the things that had happened in the Dimensional Crack Zone. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


The surprise attack had been long ago, and all the aerial defense system of Ark were on full alert. Even the slightest suspicious sign alerted the anti-aircraft guns. It was not possible to request for additional aid.


Han had no thoughts to carry out today's battle with a lack luster lazy battle plan. They're trying to make me fail so that I lose my confidence and get myself stuck into a slump.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.


The second year drill instructor Greseman was watching the squad battle through his monitor. He watched a couple of the key parts of the battle over and over. Greseman was a man with a protruding chin. He was as obstinate as his chin protruded. Han was not particularly fond of the obstinate type of instructors.


According to regulations, the different year students were not allowed to interact with one another. Han communicated his reason for visiting the first year area and continued forth. He was looking to have a meeting with Instructor Wei.

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Han started attacking in more more complex patterns. He swung his spear in random directions and caused chaos. Immediate foresight didn't make a person invincible.


He instantly appeared in the gap between the Elu mage and warriors. Instead of reloading his magazine, he unsheathed his twin sword. He mercilessly slayed the warriors who tried to get in his way.


"We were in class B together. You're great. You've proved yourself many times in class B. Rather than becoming a subordinate to someone I've never met before, I felt it would be best to stick with you. That's a good enough reason, right?"


"We're always short on dragon material. We don't need a suit that won't be used. We will take it apart and reuse the parts we can."


"One more time," Laocha who was watching just outside the ring said. Schwartz looked to Laocha, confused.


He felt an icy chill cover his whole body. Han strongly wished to pull himself out from this dread and opened his eyes. It seems Han was not the only one to have seen this hallucination. The other youths all opened their eyes one by one. Everyone was drenched in cold sweat.


Psychic energy was still quite a mysterious factor. It had not been fully understood yet. It was much more related to the supernatural world.



Han moved his airbeat with telekinesis. The movements were delicate and precise. Han's telekinesis was not strong, but he was capable of flexible and precise movements.



'If we become awkward due to this one spar battle, it will become difficult to ask him for more favors to continue my training in the future.'


Han bit his lower lip. There seemed to be no response from the drill instructor. When he neared the ground, he firmly grasped onto the parachute line. A number of thoughts passed his mind.


When Han left the smoke area, he hid himself behind the tree trunk that Kuro had stood up vertically. He snuck closer to the hidden ninth squad.

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